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Win today contest : Aug 5 to 30.  #movie ticket on your next order by using a delivery patner

Skipthedishes, UberEats, DoorDash, Snabb,

Online order Open till 3 a.m today.

TODAY SPECIAL WALK IN  1 Small pepperoni pizza with pop 4.50


DoorDash Special

Open till early Morning
London Ontario
 We're open

Aug 24, 2019


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 'til Morning 



Register members check out quickly
not a member see below.


STEP ONE: You will get a phone call CONFIRMATION and
you will need to enter a 4 digit code to confirm

STEP TWO: You will get email.

IF YOU DO NOT DO STEP 1 AND GET #2 then you have not completed your check out. 

No order will be made until you complete the verification steps.

Use Online Phone Apps


Order online Pick up at the store till 4am


Inhouse City-Wide Delivery   

Our delivery is continued by UberEats till Morning.

You can order from either of these community delivery services.

UberEats and offer online payment only. 

Visit our Facebook or Instagram Pages.

Because Ubereats offers limited delivery based on your proximity to Marvel Pizza, on Fridays and Saturdays only our website offers city-wide delivery anywhere to you until 3 am! Simply place your order at to get your delivery. Must pay online. 


Start a New Order!
 Or Look for the Marvel Delivery Icon.

Click on the Marvel Delivery Icon on the Right of your Desktop or Bottom of your Mobile Phone.



Delivery cost based on distance. VISIT SNABB DELIVERY FOR DETAILS. (Independent delivery company)

UNDER 6KM $8.00 OVER 6KM $12.00, Debit $2.00


Order pizza online from Marvel Pizza in London, ON for delivery and takeout